Vegan Milker & Zero Waste 

VEGAN MILKER, nut milk maker

We have attended more than 100 international vegan and organic fairs with our simple invention. In one of them, a German vegan cook in love with Vegan Milker told us something that touched our soul: “Vegan Milker is an invention whose simplicity is its greatness” , “…I was looking for a zero waste milk maker… Amazing!”.

You can easily make any type of plant based milk: almond milk, rice milk, oat milk, coconut milk, hemp milk, tigernut horchata, soy milk, flax milk and other plant based milks, also vegan yogurts and cheeses.

Not only do you get your super nutritious plant milk, but also the leftover pulp to cook delicious vegan recipes in 5 minutes: vegan paté, chocolate cream, hummus, tabbouleh, biscuits… your imagination is the only limitation! 

All the recipes can be found on our blog

In addition, with Vegan Milker you actively collaborate in reducing waste, packaging and useless energy consumption.

Improve your ZERO WASTE lifestyle with Vegan Milker by Chufamix! 



1- We win health: Freshly squeezed vegan milks do mantain all the original medicinal and nutritional properties of the raw material that you use.

Chufamix has promoted an enlightening chemical-nutritional study comparing homemade vegetable milk with industrial products that will soon be published in scientific journals and in the specialized blog

2- We earn money: A liter of oats milk can cost approximately 25 cents, 35 cents the soy milk, and 80 cents a liter of peanuts milk, among others.

3- We protect the environment: Without the need of producing packages we produce less CO2.

Besides using the mixer 1 minute, we only spend 20 W.

Since Vegan Milker by ChufaMix was born has avoided the consumption of at least 11,000,000 plastic containers.

4- Let´s consume responsibly: Chufamix lets you know not only what you drink, but also to do it in a responsible way if you follow 3 key guidelines:

  • Buy from local farmers, or from businesses that are committed to proximity agriculture.
  • Consume products from organic agriculture.
  • Use fairtrade products.

How Vegan Milker Works in 6 Easy Steps