Vegan Milker & Zero Waste


1- We win health: Freshly squeezed vegan milks do mantain all the original medicinal and nutritional properties of the raw material that you use.

Chufamix has promoted an enlightening chemical-nutritional study comparing homemade vegetable milk with industrial products that will soon be published in scientific journals and in the specialized blog

2- We earn money: A liter of oats milk can cost approximately 25 cents, 35 cents the soy milk, and 80 cents a liter of peanuts milk, among others.

3- We protect the environment: Without the need of producing packages we produce less CO2.

Besides using the mixer 1 minute, we only spend 20 W.

Since Vegan Milker by ChufaMix was born has avoided the consumption of at least 3,000,000 plastic containers per year.

4- Let´s consume responsibly: Chufamix lets you know not only what you drink, but also to do it in a responsible way if you follow 3 key guidelines:

  • Buy from local farmers, or from businesses that are committed to proximity agriculture.
  • Consume products from organic agriculture.
  • Use fairtrade products.