Free training course on Vegan Milks

Would you like a free training course to improve your homemade plant milks with vegan recipes? We have the solution!


Free Online Training Course on Plant Milks

We create our recipes to share with all of you what we are learning about natural vegetable milks, which you can now find at this link.

However, now we feel that the blog is not enough because there are people running Chufamix workshops on vegan milks all over the world, and we really need to shoot new videos to train these people.. so we’ve shot a short series of videos specialized in Training Workshops on Vegan Milks.

This training course is designed to help salesmen and women of the Vegan Milker to gain an in-depth knowledge of their product. These workshops include 3 Chapters to cover:

leches vegetales

There is another, less intensive way at our Vegan Milker Youtube channel, to learn how to use your Vegan Milker more efficiently without having to do the whole training proposed below.

Course content

After doing this workshop, you will gain a world of knowledge on using the Vegan Milk at home, running workshops for your customers, and learning all about plant milks.


If you have any further questions or would like to leave a comment, please feel free to contact us.

Enjoy !

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