The origin of Vegan Milker

Vegan Milker by ChufaMix was born in 2012 as a project of Monorxata, a small homemade horchata making business in Valencia (Spain).

Our main goal was to find an easier way for anyone to make homemade horchata (or any other plant milk) in simply 5 minutes from start to finish. We also wanted to use all eco-friendly materials, so every Vegan Milker by ChufaMix is BPA free and using it gets rid of the need of using actual packages every time you drink some milk. That’s why Vegan Milker by ChufaMix is the perfect appliance for anyone who loves homemade plant milk (or can’t have any other kind due to food intolerances) and taking care of the environment too.

Just one year after it first went on sale, we got a prize for Best Kitchen Appliance in the Biofach organic products fair, held in Nüremberg, Germany.

Even when Vegan Milker by ChufaMix is widely celebrated by everyone who has ever tried it, we like to keep researching and looking for ways to bring you an even more functional appliance.

Innovation in the fabrication and assembling process takes place here in Valencia, with the help of a local team of artisans and engineers.

We’re really looking forward to let you know about the fantastic improvements which will be carried out this year. It’s a plant milk revolution!

Nowadays, Vegan Milker by ChufaMix is sold in over 40 countries around the world, always collaborating with professionals in the world of natural, organic cooking so we can get the best of it.