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CBE Essence

CBE®, new special model for coffee lovers.

Complete kit with special Vegan Milker coffee filter and accessories needed to brew coffee in 3 different ways: immersion (French press style), cold extraction coffee and CBE (Café Barista Explorer).

Includes: Filter with unscrewable base with 100µ (micron) steel mesh, 3 interchangeable steel discs (1 non-perforated disc, 1 100µ disc, 1 300µ disc), 1 plastic mortar, 1 glass carafe (borosilicate resistant to thermal shock), bamboo lid, 0’Grindy discs for coffee grinding.

User manual with videos.


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1 Tool 3 Coffee Brewing Systems

SYSTEM 1: CBE, Barista Explorer Coffee

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Pioneering coffee bean extraction system that allows the essence of coffee to be combined with other seeds, creating unique Coffee Combinations.

You can also emulsify the coffee beans directly into any packaged milk.

– Disc: Use the 300 micron “0.3 Oats Coffee Beans Nuts” disc.


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– Disc: Use the blind (non-perforated) disc or the 100 micron “0.1 Ground Coffee” disc.
– Amount of Coffee: equivalent to the French Press, 30 grams per 1/2 liter is recommended. If you want the coffee more or less intense, adjust the quantity.

ATTENTION, DISK! To ensure that the 0.1 disc is perfectly airtight, we recommend placing the 0.3 disc under the 0.1 disc.

ATTENTION, MORTAR! Do not push the mortar strongly, hot water may splash. The mortar should be used by gently pressing with intermittent movements on the pulp.

SYSTEM 3: COLD BREW (Cold Extraction)

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Follow the instructions for System 1 but using cold water instead of hot and letting it rest & macerate for between 12 and 24 hours.


Depending on the extraction system used, the coffee grind level should follow the suggestions on page 2.

In combination with a household hand blender, you can use the O’Grindy accessory to grind your coffee beans with the granulometry you want. Watch video.

– DISHWASHER & CLEANING: Do not use abrasive cleaning products or acidic chemical agents. All parts can be cleaned in the dishwasher except the bamboo lid. However, we recommend rinsing the utensil with water as soon as you finish using it. If you do not do this and the pulp remains dry, do not scratch the filter with another metal surface, use a brush.

– HOT WATER: The maximum recommended temperature is 92º (Celsius).

– VERSATILE: The CBE® filter can be used in any kitchen container. Using a taller, narrower container favors filtering. The water should always cover all the ingredients used. We can also add the raw materials little by little as we emulsify with the hand blender.

-MATERIALS: The CBE glass container (Borosilicate), as well as its filter
(PP & AISI 316) and mortar (PE), are made with the best European materials on the market and are free of toxic components harmful to health. Chemically tested and certified by TÜV Rheinland and Bureau Veritas in Germany, and by AIMPLAS in Spain.

– DISCS: The interchangeable discs are made of AISI 304 steel.

  • The 0.1 (100 micron) disc with the inscription “GROUND COFFEE” is suitable for the extraction methods “Immersion” (System 1) and “Cold Brew” (System 4).
  • The 0.3 disc (300 microns) with the inscription “OATS COFFEE BEANS NUTS” is used for the “CBE” (extraction system 3) that uses coffee beans or ground coffee.
  • The “blind” disc without micro-perforating is used to make Tea following the steps of Immersion System 1.

After placing the tea in the filter and the hot water in the container, drop the blind disc into the filter. Give it a touch with your index finger and it will lie flat, retaining the vapor that emanates from the tea inside and optimizing its infusion.

– PULP: Unlike the coffee grounds resulting from other extraction methods, the pulp from the “CBE” system should not be thrown down the drain as it can clog the pipes.

– BAMBOO LID. To increase its natural resistance to humidity we recommend treating with an edible vegetable oil. Apply a coat of oil with a cloth and repeat the treatment after 24 hours.

CBE® works with any standard home hand blender. The hand blender is not included in the CBE® kit (if you have a “Bamix” use the sharp blade, not the “Universal” one).

Chufamix S.L. will repair or replace this product within 3 years if its failure has occurred as a result of defective materials or workmanship and not due to improper use in disregard of the instructions detailed in this manual. Show the receipt or purchase order as a guarantee certificate.

For any question, contact us on the website, we always answer!

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