Lemongrass & ginger tea

ginjer milk maizan This recipe about how to make a special ginger and lemongrass tea with Vegan Milker is another aportation of our dear Malasian distributor Maizan Ahern( www.thebluecrane.asia ) . It is perfect for fall as it will help you prevent colds and flu, and strengthen the immune system.


  • 50 grams of ginger root
  • 750 ml of hot water (70ºC)
  • Honey/stevia/raw sugar to taste (optional)

1. Clean the ginger root, use the last 2 inches of lemongrass (closest to the root) and slice roughly.
2. Place it in the Vegan Milker filtering glass with 750 ml  of  very hot (70º C) filtered water.
3. Blend all of the ingredients with the hand blender  for approximately 1 min.
4. Inhale the fragrance of the herbs – very intoxicating
5. Take the filtering glass out of the water, using the Vegan Milker mortar, slowly squash until you squeeze out the last drops of the juice.

NOTE: This concoction is very INTENSE and concentrated. If you are having sinus problems, feeling a little down with colds and flus, this would be a great healing tonic with a little honey.

Alternatively, store this concentrate in the fridge and use as much as you want each time with a little more water to dilute the pungent taste of ginger. Serve cold if preferred.

Thank you Maizan !

ATTENTION: ChufaMix doesn't work with GMO seeds! Rice, cashew, and cocoa milk
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    Shaker Ball

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