Make your own plant milk with Vegan Milker

What is your Vegan Milker?


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Easy to use

Paso 1 Vegan Milker

Fill the container with drinking water

Paso 2 Vegan Milker

Add your favourite ingredients

Paso 3 Vegan Milker

Blend gently with your hand blender

Paso 4 Vegan Milker

Press gently with the mortar

Paso 5 Vegan Milker

and…that’s it! The best homemade plant milk with all its flavour and nutrients.

homemade vegan milks ebook

With the purchase of your Vegan Milker we will give you the E-Book “Homemade Vegan Milks”, 95 pages with more than 70 plant milk recipes, juices, yoghurts and cheeses

Latest tips

Peanuts Caffè Latte

Peanuts Caffè Latte

The Peanut Coffee Latte is a coffee combination that mixes coffee with peanuts and other healthy ingredients. They are emulsified in the Vegan Milker or in the CBE (new product range specialized in coffee extraction). Since we discovered the option of making coffee...

Tomato Soup

Tomato Soup

We owe the recipe for this tomato soup to our cook and friend Joaquín Adarve. We were fortunate to have his support at the Ambiente fair (Frakfurt) where we presented the new stainless steel Emulsionizer filter. With the metal filter we can cook for as long as we want...

EMZ the Vegan Milker plastic free filter

EMZ the Vegan Milker plastic free filter

EMZ or Emulsionizer® is Vegan Milker's new model, a plastic free filter. Those of you who have been following us for a long time know that one of our goals was to achieve a 100% plastic free Vegan Milker model. We started by making the wooden mortar, followed by the...

Oat milk vegan croquettes

Oat milk vegan croquettes

Finally we have the recipe for oat milk vegan croquettes. It has taken us a few attempts to find the point, but finally we have managed to make delicious croquettes that will conquer any palate. Which plant milk is the best for making vegan croquettes? Without a...

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Access the free plant milks training course now!

Access the free plant milks training course now!

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Easy vegan recipes to make the best homemade plant milks in 5 minutes with the new Vegan Milker filter

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