Make your own plant milk with Vegan Milker

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Easy to use

Paso 1 Vegan Milker

Fill the container with drinking water

Paso 2 Vegan Milker

Add your favourite ingredients

Paso 3 Vegan Milker

Blend gently with your hand blender

Paso 4 Vegan Milker

Press gently with the mortar

Paso 5 Vegan Milker

and…that’s it! The best homemade plant milk with all its flavour and nutrients.

homemade vegan milks ebook

With the purchase of your Vegan Milker we will give you the E-Book “Homemade Vegan Milks”, 95 pages with more than 70 plant milk recipes, juices, yoghurts and cheeses

Latest tips

Seedless blackberry jam

Seedless blackberry jam

Making a seedless blackberry jam can be a painstaking process because the mixture has to be well strained with a fine sieve. However, it is possible to make seedless blackberry jam and not die trying! Hahaha… The Vegan Milker strainer and mortar will allow us to make...

Rice milk custard with fruit

Rice milk custard with fruit

We discovered the rice milk custard with fruit recipe by chance. When we started experimenting with rice grain, we realized that the homemade rice drink has a great thicken power. Since rice milk itself is a bit bland, we thought it would be a good option to add some...

Slushy almond milk

Slushy almond milk

If you travel to the Balearic Islands or the Mediterranean basin you can enjoy, among other things, a slushy almond milk or horchata. The "granissat d'ametla", as it is known in the area, is a popular refreshment. It is a refreshing and nutritious drink, very suitable...

Ginger Lemonade

Ginger Lemonade

If you like spicy drinks, you may love this ginger lemonade version with spearmint. It's an ideal lemonade to be consumed very fresh in summer with a spearmint leaf, or warm, even hot, in winter. Lemon and ginger lemonade recipe It's a strong drink that combine well...

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Access the free plant milks training course now!

Access the free plant milks training course now!

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