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Sustainable wood mortar. How is it made?

Our new wooden mortar has been a huge success among the Chufamix community, and we couldn’t be any more smitten! It’s a small, but important step towards creating a 100% organic Vegan Milker.

The mortar is locally made in a facility really close to our warehouse, in Tornería Alcasser (València, Spain). We are firm believers that the organic denomination shouldn’t be only used to talk about raw materials, but also about the ethical way we do things, involving every step of the production and sale process.

Here in Chufamix, we deeply value the beauty of all things small and local, and we’re really happy to have found people who share the same values who we can share our project with. We hope you can enjoy it too!

  • Vegan Milker Soul

    Vegan Milker Soul

  • Vegan Milker Classic


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