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EMZ the Vegan Milker plastic free filter

EMZ or Emulsionizer® is Vegan Milker’s new model, a plastic free filter. Those of you who have been following us for a long time know that one of our goals was to achieve a 100% plastic free Vegan Milker model.

We started by making the wooden mortar, followed by the glass jug (borosilicate glass resistant to extreme heat) with its bamboo lid, and after three years of experimentation and many failed prototypes we have obtained the most complex part:

to manufacture a stainless steel filter with a Mülsi-style unscrewable base. An authentic work of goldsmithing and artisan metalwork in which we welded 4 pieces that make up a unique filter.

Thus we close the Vegan Milker cycle by Chufamix to be able to offer all the spare parts plastic free. Another dream come true!


This would not have been possible without our partners www.emulsionizer.com and www.monorxata.com who have supported us in this project with a lot of enthusiasm and determination.

On the other hand, we would like to thank the industrial british designer Sebastian Bergne for distinguishing Emulsionizer® as “Intelligent Kitchen Appliance 2024” and exhibiting it in the Solutions 2024 Showroom during the 5 days of the Ambiente fair in Frankfurt, which is the most important fair in the “Household & Kitchen” area.

Thanks to this distinction, many companies came to get to know Emulsionizer and to enjoy the live demonstrations that we did at the fair with the collaboration of the itinerant and bohemian master chef, Joaquín Adarve.

Advantages and potential of the EMZ filter

Being made of stainless steel opens new doors to the Vegan Milker centrifugal emulsion system that you know so well. Like any other Vegan Milker filter, it is suitable for the preparation of a wide variety of plant-based beverages, but it also allows the filter to be used at any temperature for an indefinite period of time. This makes the filter the first ever emulsifier that can be used to make plant milks, juices, soups and broths, sauces and vinaigrettes, thicken stews, recycle food scraps and emulsify food scraps (skins, peels, stems, roots, branches, and even avocado pits!) that are normally discarded, etc.

It is ideal for any zero waste and conscientious household, professional or amateur chefs, cooking lovers, coffee lovers, and of course, plant milk consumers looking for noble materials.

Emulsionizer, quality assured

The EMZ filter has a retro and innovative design at the same time, so unique the emulsions it produces, combining stainless steel with wooden elements (handle and mortar) from sustainable and certified European forests, manufactured by our beloved master Paco in Alcasser (Valencia).

The base, as in the Vegan Milker Mülsi models, is unscrewable. This makes it easy to clean the filter and offers the option of playing with the textures by means of changeable discs of different micronages.

The disc placed on the base will be the driver that will define the texture of the emulsion you make.

The perforated tube is very thin. It has to be this way to be able to microperforate it to the size of a sieve. That is why the filter after several uses can present dents or undulations due to blows, to the pressure when scrubbing it, or to the intense and continued use throughout the years. But you can rest assured that these ripples or “dents” do not affect its functionality and are not factory defects but the necessary “scars” of any kitchen utensil that we use.

Needless to say that if we are meticulous and minimally careful, no matter how many times we use this filter, no ripples will appear.

The wooden sleeve is not strained, it is put on and removed at will. If we put the filter in the dishwasher, we remove it. If we are going to emulsify something in a pot to the fire, we put it.

We have full trust in the product, which is why we have given it a 5 year warranty. But it is still designed to be inherited by your grandchildren or nephews and we hope it will last you a lifetime!

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