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From Chufamix to VEGAN MILKER by Chufamix

We’ve paid attention to your comments and suggestions during these last 5 years discovering the goodness of plant milks together. 2017 was the year to make Chufamix even better. With a lot of effort and ilusion, we improved both the filter and the mortar and we’d love to introduce you to the new ChufaMix.

What are the new changes about?

  • New Filter:

The filter is still made with the best stainless steel, but we doubled its thickness and increased the size of the hole by a couple of micrometers, which has made it sturdier. Now it’s easier to blend the seeds, so you can get a creamier, more luscious milk. Plus, it’s (unexpectedly!) easier to clean too!

  • New mortar:

There was lots of demand for a 100% organic ChufaMix, so we’ve worked to replace our plastic mortar for a pine wood one.

This wood comes from sustainable forests in the north of Spain and it’s been worked in Spain.

  •  New name:

We’ve also decided to change our name, especially to differentiate ourselves from the new and illegal copies in the market (more about this coming soon!), and we rebranded to “VEGAN MILKER by ChufaMix”.

We think that the new name makes it easier to understand what Chufamix is about, especially internationally. Here’s to hope that it reaches more homes around the world!

If you go through the Chufamix official shop you will find two options: VEGAN MILKER “Classic” with the new filtre and VEGAN MILKER “Premium” with the new filtre and pine wooden mortar.

If you have any doubt or would love to leave some feedback, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d love to hear from you and learn from you as well!

Welcome “VEGAN MILKER by Chufamix”!

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