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Petition to make the terms “plant milk” legal – Europe responds

Over a year ago, we published a post explaining how wrong it seemt that actually using the words “plant milk” in Europe was now illegal. Can you remember? We actually started an oficial petition requesting that, just as it happens in USA, Asia and South America, it was possible for us Europeans to use the term “plant milk” without having to refer to it as “plant drink” and similar euphemisms.

One year later, Europe responds saying that our petition has been accepted (yay!) and will be soon discussed in parlament.

We know nothing about dates, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed that we’ll soon be able to upload a post telling you that the European parlament has come to it senses and accepted the use of the words “plant milk”, since it’s been historically used for a long time now.

Frankly, though, seeing how useless this parlament is proving itself to be in what regards helping the current refugee crisis… you can’t blame us for not having high hopes!

We’ll see, we’ll see! Positive mind and good thoughts so here’s to hoping we’ll be back with great news sooner tan later.

Here in Chufamix, we’ll do all that we can to always expand our knowledge on plant milk history and its unknown history!

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