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DESIGN YOUR OWN VEGAN MILKER: an ethical, sustainable gift.

Are you looking for sustainable gift options for the holiday season? An ethical present which encourages looking after the planet and is also made locally, in a small business which is passionate about taking care of Mother Earth?

Look no further, because we might have the perfect tool for you: Vegan Milker by Chufamix!

Plus, now you get to design your very own model with your favourite materials and colours, which our new section in our online shop, DESIGN YOUR OWN VEGAN MILKER at www.chufamix.shop.

We’d also like to let you know that now’s the time to acquire yours at an all-time low price, since we’ll have to increase the price tag from January the 7th on, to match our supplier’s price increase.

With every purchase you’ll be saving on unnecessary packaging, as well as gaining on health.

Thanks to everybody who owns and uses a Vegan Milker, we have prevented more than 15 million cartons from being dumped into the sea.

Plus, you’ll be helping a small business (Chufamix SL), who keeps on fighting against the trend of single-use items which so greatly damages the environment.

We wouldn’t want to support any policy related to programmed obsolescence, or even use cheap materials and labor, which don’t only harm the planet, but vulnerable people as well.

At Chufamix, we believe in a new market model, based in local commerce.

Seven small business in small towns close to us (such as Alcasser, Catarroja, Onil, Alboraya, Moncada, Albuixech and Ibi) are responsible for the creation of Vegan Milker. Our aim is to create a quality product, while we create quality jobs locally.

We’d like to thank all of you using Vegan Milker for your support, congratulations and kind comments. You all give us the strength to go on!

Happy Holidays!

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