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Get to know the Vegan Milker 4 models

The history of the Vegan Milker by Chufamix begins in 2012 with the original Vegan Milker Classic. 10 years later, in 2021, we already have 4 different Vegan Milker versions. As you can see, little by little, we are creating new models according to your preferences.

It’s our goal to achieve a 100% plastic-free version and based on this, we have been creating new options such as the Vegan Milker Premium, or the recently released Vegan Milker Soul. These models have included more organic materials such as wood and bamboo. In the Soul version, the plastic container has been replaced by a glass one.

We’ve also improved the shape of the containers. They are now slightly tapered to fit easily into any fridge door. The volume of the jar has been reduced from 1 liter to 0.8 liters to improve its ergonomy and functionality. A handle has been added to the glass container, making it a multifunctional jar.

Comparison of the 4 VEGAN MILKER versions

The photo below is a useful table that summarizes in a simple pic the main differences between the 4 Vegan Milker versions. In this table, you can consult the type of materials used in the manufacture, capacity, colors, etc.


VEGAN MILKER means Quality & Sustainability

As can be seen in the table, Vegan Milker is produced in Spain with high-quality materials. All of them are certified by TÜV REINALD and BUREAU VÉRITAS, two of the most prestigious worldwide certifiers.

Manufacturing in Spain allows us to control the quality of:

  • the basic manufacturing materials.
  • the finished product.

On the other hand, manufacturing in Spain also permits us to generate local job while reducing our carbon footprint.

We work with enthusiasm to do our bit for a fairer and more sustainable world. It’s the premise of our young and small company to make a strong commitment to incorporate ethical and ecological values at all levels of the manufacturing process until Vegan Milker reaches your home.

And we are also very motivated because we know that once Vegan Milker is in your hands, it will actively contribute to making your life healthier and our planet a little bit more sustainable.

Which VEGAN MILKER version do you prefer?

Maybe you don’t know which Vegan Milker version to choose, it’s okay, don’t worry! Go to the VEGAN MILKER DESIGN section where you could create your own Vegan Milker version using your favorites colors and materials!

You could create, for example, a Vegan Milker Soul with a black filter, or a Vegan Milker Premium with a bamboo lid, or a Vegan Milker Classic with a glass jar… Endless combinations are possible!

We love to have your feedback and suggestions to improve those Vegan Milker versions. Take for sure that we will take note of every your ideas!

As we are a small company, so we ask you to be patient with the improvements. Vegan Milker is constantly evolving, but we going on slowly because the resources we have are limited.

We know that in the hard rocks and in difficult conditions the most beautiful flowers are born, and there we are growing day by day with creativity and passion!

If you have any questions we will be happy to assist you in this blog or in social media networks.

Meanwhile, we hope you enjoy preparing delicious plant milk at home!

  • Vegan Milker Soul

    Vegan Milker Soul

  • Vegan Milker Classic


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