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Walnut yogurt pudding and vegan cheese

We love walnuts.

Walnuts vegan milk is delicious lactose free vegan option. But what about walnut yogurt or vegan cheese? Let´s try!

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First of all an importat advice for you. You must be careful when you buy peeled walnuts because sometimes you pay good money for them, but when you get home and try them, you realise that they aren´t as fresh as you thought. This happens because walnuts go off very quickly when they are peeled and it´s not easy to find fresh ones. So it´s better to buy walnuts with their shell, and ask to try them before buying. You can also find some brands nowadays which have been vacuum-packaged and this is an excellent alternative to guarantee the freshness of your walnuts.

We´ve peeled some walnuts from the walnut tree that grows in our garden to make this recipe. They are especially tasty and it´s a pleasure to make yogurt and the cheese with them!

We repeat the same process that we explain in this post about how to make Vegan Yogurt and Cheese.

But in this case, we use 100 grams of walnuts instead of 100 grams of cashews. Thats all!

Anyway, since the publication of the vegan yogurt and cheese recipe, some people have asked about the texture of the yogurt. They´ve mentioned that they are used to eating thick yogurt and in the recipe, the yogurt is more runny, so how can we get a more “creamy” probiotic vegan yogurt?

And my question is.. how can we get a creamy yogurt with all the nutritional values intact? I can´t heat it up because some properties will change and most of the vitamins and enzymes will die… What about using chia seeds to thicken the yogurt at room temperature? Let´s try !…

And it works!!!!!!!

So we make something similar to a yogurt-pudding, avoiding the heating processes. Aaaha!!! I see!!

Below there are all the instructions you need to make a tasty walnut yogurt-pudding and vegan cheese.


100 grs of walnuts (you can use more, but not less!)
1/2 litre of enzymatic water (very important; follow the instructions of this video)
a pinch of salt


  1. Put the filtered enzymatic water in the container of Chufamix.
  2. Place the walnuts and the salt in the filtering glass and insert it into the container.
  3. Blend for 1 minute.
  4. Let it soak 5 minutes.
  5. Finally, remove the filtering glass and press the pulp gently using the mortar.
  6. Thanks to the probiotic effects of the enzymatic water, the liquid part is the “yogurt”, and the remaining pulp, is the vegan cheese.

They last for at least 3 days in the fridge.

Walnut yogurt pudding

Walnut yogurt pudding

Making the vegan yogurt pudding:

I love this liquid yogurt as it is. The walnut flavour is fantastic, so it doesn´t need dressing up! Now, let´s see how to make the pudding.

Using a little glass jar, fill ¼ of the jar with chia seeds and fill up the rest of the jar with yogurt.

Mix well and make sure that it has a consistent texture, remove all the lumps.

Let it stand for around 30 minutes at room temperature till it thickens.

Put on the lid and keep it in the fridge.

You can eat it plain or add some marmalade or fruit when serving.

Walnut fresh cheese

Walnut vegan cheese:

The pulp is a vegan cheese. You can keep it directly in the fridge, but it´s better to follow these steps to improve the fermentation process.

Place the pulp in a glass jar and cover it with a cotton or linum cloth.

Let it stand for 12 hours at room temperature to ferment (if you live in a tropical clime, maybe 8 hours are enough!).

Once it has rested, remove the cloth and improve the cheese´s texture and flavour by mixing it with chopped garlic, a spoonful of oil, spices, some drops of lemon juice, a spoonful of tahín… what ever you have on hand !

But before dressing it up, please taste it! Maybe you´ll love the plain walnut cheese, it´s really delicious!

It´s perfect for dipping, for salads, for a spread…

Salad with flowers and walnut cheese

Salad with flowers and walnut cheese

Tips and advice

The yogurt lasts between 3 to 5 days depending on the temperature of the fridge. (Lower temperature = longer expiry date).

The cheese lasts 3 days when it´s plain, but if you mix it with lemon juice, oil, sesame paste, garlic… it could last for up to 5 days.

Big hug and thanks for your propositions that have helped us discover new recipes.

Enjoy it with love and health!

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  1. Carolyn

    What is a Chufamix? Never heard of it. Will a blender work? Are the walnuts presoaked?

    • lechevegetal

      Hi, Chufamix is a kitchen tool with a patented emulsion system to make easily any kind of plant milk using nuts, seeds, grains, roots or herbs. You need a hand blender, not included in the kit. Here is the demo video https://youtu.be/HAubEBqgvzA and the product link to all the models https://www.veganmilker.com/en/cat/vegan-milker/.
      It also works as a simple colander to filtering drinks that you have blended in a robot as in this video https://youtu.be/k1693D041Ww
      And to finish the product intro, also can use with a casserole to make more quantity in the same time https://youtu.be/ahHShgcgaVc
      About walnuts, we don’t soak walnuts because they can be consumed non soaked as we happily do during the history 🙂


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