Watermelon and Aloe Vera Juice

This watermelon and Aloe Vera juice is an ideal drink for sunny hot days. Choosing watermelon and aloe as ingredients was not by chance.

The Aloe Vera plant is a medicinal treasure that provides interesting benefits for health in general and especially for the skin, but its taste is bitter. To compensate for the bitterness of aloe, we have mixed it with watermelon, which is sweet and also very moisturizing. In this way, on the one hand, we balance the taste of the juice and make sure it will be delicious, and on the other hand, we get a drink that will take care of our skin in summer. We have the perfect combination!

Properties of Aloe Vera

It is a plant highly valued for all its medicinal qualities. In addition to a multitude of enzymes that favor the intestinal flora, aloe provides vitamins A, B, C and E. It also offers a wide variety of minerals among which we highlight calcium and magnesium. It contains 7 of the 8 most important amino acids. Applied on the skin, it helps to hydrate, tone and regenerate the skin quickly and effectively. It is ideal for sunburns, disinfects the skin and is anti-inflammatory. I dare to say that it is the best natural cream for the summer. Taking Aloe will allow us to nourish the skin inside and out.

Recommended dose

Only 25g per adult person per day can be ingested. This is a small piece. The green skin of the leaf is discarded and we will be left with the clear gel inside. It is there where the active principles of the plant that interest us accumulate.

Once we cut the piece that we are going to use, protect the tip of the leaf with plastic wrap and put it in the refrigerator so that it does not oxidize and keeps its benefits for longer.

Watermelon and aloe vera juice recipe:

We have said that we chose watermelon to compensate for the bitter taste of the aloe gel. In case you do not have watermelon you can use melon or any other sweet and juicy fruit in season.


  • ½ small watermelon
  • A handful of strawberries (6-8 units)
  • ½ peach
  • 1 pitted date
  • 25 g of Aloe Vera


Preparation time : 5 minutes

  1. The fruit is cleaned, chopped and placed inside the Vegan Milker strainer. All kinds of additional fruit can be added to give it more flavor and provide more variety of nutrients.
  2. The piece of aloe is added at the last moment so that it does not oxidize.
  3. The filter is placed inside the container and blended with the hand blender. It is necessary to go slowly and without forcing the motor of the blender. It helps to put the juiciest fruit on top of the filter.
  4. When everything has been crushed well, raise the filter and continue beating with the blender to strain the juice quickly and easily.
  5. Serve and drink immediately to take full advantage of the properties of Aloe Vera.

If you do not mind the seeds, the seedy remaining pulp can be spooned or added to yogurt.

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