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Beech tree Wood morter: here comes Chufamix’s organic R-evolution!

There’s two reasons we picked Organic Trade approved materials when we first designed our ChufaMix:

1.We wanted to make a sturdy appliance, no built-in obsolescence in sight, that was also affordable for all pockets. Why? Our goal was to create a handy instrument that you can keep in your kitchen at all times to make your own plant milk and skip on all those unnecessary carton bricks. That’s the reason we went for plastic instead of a more luxurious material, which would have made ChufaMix a more expensive artefact out of the reach of so many people. If plastic goes well, we thought, we’ll try another more wholesome version!

2.Once we decided that plastic was the route we were going for, an extensive research was carried out and so many discoveries were made. There are a few plastic materials which qualify as “no toxic” or “less toxic”, hence the fact that we created our ChufaMix to be all free of BPA, PVC and bakelite. As far as the mesh part goes, it’s all made with nothing but the best stainless steel.

That’s why ChufaMix has been on the market for more than 4 years now, making homemade plant milk lovers from all over the world really happy. It’s great to see how ChufaMix has been so very well welcomed internationally, and it makes us so grateful to read all the kind reviews and positive comments we’ve received so far.
Taking into account all the Chufamix appliances we’ve sold, we’ve come to the conclusion that the number of plastic containers used has been reduced by 3,000,000. How cool is that?

Not only have we been receiving all kind of good reviews, there has been a bit of (really helpful) constructive criticism.
Some people would be more comfortable reducing the amount of plastic in their life to the bare minimum, so we decided to provide a more wholesome, organic version of our famous morter!

We’ve created a new morter made with beech tree wood from sustainable forests in France and Germany, made in a Tornería in Alcasser (Valencia, Spain), always focused on local production.

It’s been a year of hard work, trying to decide what would work best dimension-wise (because, as you know, wood is a living material which moves and grows old). After lots of testing, we’ve come up with a morter which works well with all kinds of plant milks and pulps, and it’s so durable as well!

Here are our top tips to make sure that your morter lasts for a long, long time.

  • Clean the morter right after every use and let it dry completely.
  • Under no circumstances should you let it soak for a while or exposed in the sun.
  • To keep it in its top shape, grease with a thin layer of oil from time to time.

We can finally enjoy this new wood morter, which not only does it make the nicest nut milks… it can also crack them walnuts hahaha.

It’s now available for sale in our new online site www.chufamix.shop, retailing for around 15€.

It’s been a small step only, but we’ll keep on working to bring you the best versión of our Chufamix:

a 100% organic instrument.

Here’s to many more future surprises!


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