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Bringing back “food soverignty”


Is the right to food and water a basic right in the 21º century , or not? Well if it is , why is it constantly violated, causing death , semi – slavery and marginalization in the lives of many people ? Should this be a crime, or not?

In 2008 , when the prices of corn, rice and wheat soared, many poor countries (Haiti , Cameroon , Philippines … ) were left without the resources to feed themselves with dignity. We began to hear the term ” food crisis” . Although different names are used, in essence, the phenomenon of killing people with hunger to use them for cheap labour is evident to this day. There are always a few ambitious people who abuse the rights of others to selfishly feed their bank accounts.
This is an abomination that has been dragged along through history and a forever continuing form of terrorism and abuse of basic human rights.

However, using food for profit by private multinational companies is permitted , protected and in many cases, subsidized by the supposedly “democratic” governments from the “civilized countries” in which we live.
Our money and our work is used to help this corrupt system grow.


International organizations of peasants, citizens, movements for food sovereignty, for the decrease in global change, environmental organizations and many others propose concrete alternatives , proposals for action to alleviate the “food crisis” that governments of most countries of the world are constantly neglecting. Why?

Institutional international organizations such as FAO (Food Agricultural Organization) , WHO (World Health Organization ) and the World Bank , along with the unconditional support of the mass media , indicate that the main reasons for this ” food crisis” are external factors such as:

  • poor harvests
  • the use of fields for planting biofuels justified by the “energy crisis”
  • the increase in population
  • climate change … and so on

But at no time have they questioned the current ” agro industrial food model “. And it doesn´t take a genius to realize that this model is the main cause of the “food crisis”.


Try to answer the following questions:

Is it legal to exploit , pollute and destroy natural diversity to make money?
Do you need to consume as much oil to transport food from one part of the world to another rather than consuming locally grown produce?
Is it better to use the land to grow fuel crops to be able to transport foods internationally rather than using it to grow food to cater to the local population?
Is it wise that countries are losing the ability to produce food for their own consumption?
Is creating poverty justified by the need to generate business?
Is it wise for governments to support this nonsense while the citizens stand by and let them?

Supporting the industrial agriculture model and defending it means saying yes to each question.

We are very concerned that most Governments support and subsidize to the benefit of the global model , which uses ( impoverishes and destroys) 70% of the agricultural resources of the planet to produce only 30% of global food supplies. This has dragged the planet down, causing a “food crisis” which is defended by excuses of external causes , covering up the truth to mislead the world´s opinion.


We appreciate the continuing efforts made by those local farmers and fishermen and support food sovereignty. 3,000 million people provide food to 70 % of the world´s population using only 30% of world’s natural resources sustainably and efficiently through their daily work. We also appreciate the efforts of all of the groups and initiatives , businesses , even governments , who help protect and develop an agricultural model that is more responsible and fair for everyone.

We also believe that in this situation, it is important that people act responsibly and use their ability to respond intelligently and creatively. Support family farming and local trade. Fair trade is a simple thing to achieve and it also generates decent living forms and preserves the environment, which is the our only home. Buying local and organic food products is a way to improve our health and that of our planet , strengthening our economy and social networks.

How we shop is our best tool to end poverty in the world. Responsible consumption is a way to help improve the world. No product that comes from the agricultural industry should be more important than the rights of the people who are taking care of our Earth!


There are many alternatives. You can already begin to look for some in your own neighbourhood, town or city. Today is the perfect day to begin changing your habits slowly, day by day. Shop at local markets , family businesses , look for local products, you may find that the price difference is made up for by the quality. Most industrially grown products don´t compare to those of the local market. Look at the seals to ensure forms of sustainable and fair trade.


Think and act! There are solutions , do not hesitate.

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