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Easy recipes to make the most of leftover oat pulp

vegan recipe of guacamole with oat pulp

Have you ever made oat milk? It yields a lovely drink plus a great pulp which you can use in a lot of different ways. About 40% of the nutrients in the grain are left in the pulp, so it’s really interesting to put it to good use.

Texture-wise, it’s not the most attractive out there, so lots of people are tempted to throw it away. However, oat pulp is not only incredibly nutritious, but a really helpful ingredient to add some creaminess to a vast array of vegan recipes.

We wrote this article in an attempt to share with you all of out tips plus all the tricks you’ve sent us throughout the years. We really hope they’re useful to you!

1- Oat pulp gazpachovegan recipe of gazpacho with oat pulp

Gazpacho is made by blending the following ingredients: two tomatoes, one cucumber, one clove of garlic, one green bell pepper, a drizzle of olive oil and vinegar and salt. To make this oat pulp gazpacho, you need to prepare the gazpacho base and then add the pulp, blending as usual.

2- Oat pulp guacamola

This is a traditional guacamole recipe feauting all the classic ingredients (avocado, garlic, onion, tomato, lemon juice, oil and salt) plus some oat pulp blended into it. The remaining product is a bit thinner, but super delicious and nutritious.

3- Oat pulp veggie cream

First of all, wash the vegetables and boil them with a bit of water. It’s best not to boil them for longer than 10 minutes so the texture is still good and you keep most of the nutrients. 5 minutes in, add the pulp and some salt and blend until smooth.

4- Oat cookiesvegan recipe of oat pulp cookies

Place the remaning pulp (can be from oats, spelt or kamut) in a mug and fill the rest of said mug (250mL) with rolled oats or your preferred cereal. Now add one mug of spelt flour, a teaspoon of cinnamon and a bit of ginger, a pinch of nutmeg, a teaspoon og baking powder, 6 tablespoons of agave syrup, half a mug of oil and a quarter of a mug of plant milk. Mix dry ingredients and wet ingredients to obtain a smooth mixture.

You can add some chocolate chips or raisins if you wish. Shape the dough into cookies and place them into a baking tray with parchment paper. Pre-heat oven to 180ºC and bake for 15-20 minutes. These are best kept in a glass jar.

5- Cereal porridgevegan recipes with oat pulp

Heat 1 cup of plant milk (which kind is up to you!) with 2 tablespoons of rolled oats and the leftover pulp from making any kind of grain milk made from flakes. Heat for 5 minutes with a bit of vanilla, cinnamon or cacao. Now, pour porridge into a bowl and sweeten with your favourite ingredient. If you want to obtain an even more wholesome option, add raisins, dates or goji berries, and any nuts, seeds or fresh fruit you desire. Remember that seasonal fruit is best!

6- Oat facial mask

Oats are great for your skin as well. They aid hydrating, cleaning and exfoliating. Model Veronica Blume suggest to use leftover oat pulp as a facial mask.

You can find more ideas on how to use leftover oat pulp in these articles:

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If you have any other brillaint suggestion, let us know! Cheers!

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  1. Lucas

    Is aot pulp the same thing as oat bran?

    • Ellie

      No. Oat bran is different and can be bought in a shop. Oat pulp is the leftovers after you have made oat milk and strained out all the liquid. It is the pulp and pieces of oat that didn’t break down.

  2. Paul Simon

    How much pulp goes into the gazpacho? The remanents after one litre of oat milk + the ingredients listed?

    • Plant Milk

      Hi Paul, it depends of you. I put the remanents after one litre oat milk made with 50g of oat flakes. The pulp provides a creamy texture but neutralizes the flavor of the gazpacho. The best way to get the result you like is to add half the pulp, taste, and decide if you want to add more. Cheers!

  3. jaime letts

    I am trying to find out how many calories are in 1 cup of rolled oats after making the milk. So just the pulp. Any ideas?

    • Plant Milk

      Here you have some information about the nutrients, but not calories, sorry. https://www.plantmilk.org/2014/08/18/which-nutrients-are-passed-from-the-seed-to-the-natural-veggie-milk/
      Anyway I think it will help you solve your doubt. Cheers!



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