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Good tips from chufamixers

how to make  plant milk

We are always receiving all kinds of Chufamix questions, proposals and even advice in our blog. This means that every day we learn and investigate a little bit more about the infinite world of plant milks and how to use the Chufamix to prepare them.

Today we are going to give you some tips sent to us by Esperanza (user of our blog) as comments which we would like share with the whole community since they are really practical and deserve a special mention.

Esperanza suggests a few things that are essential to bear in mind. According to Esperanza, some of her suggestions are common sense and others are the fruit of her own experiences. We’ll hand you over to her:

tricks to plant milk preservation

1- PRESERVATION: I make 1 or 1.5 litres of plant milk (I used to make 0.5 litre so it wouldn’t go bad on me, but in a day and a half I had finished it) and just after making it I divide it into glass jars in more or less individual portions (normal jam jars which are about the size of a fizzy drink can) and keep it in the fridge like that. Doing this I improve two things: PRESERVATION, since I finish each jar in 1 or 2 goes at the most, and the rest stay closed and therefore, more protected, and DECANTATION (it is easier to shake one of these jars and to leave it homogeneous than to mix all of the liquid which fits in the Chufamix and to serve it directly from there – I always ended up with a big lump in the bottom).

2- CAREFUL NOT TO HAVE THE WATER TOO HOT: I would say that I have never gone over 70ºC, but I do it by sight and actually, one day when I heated the water more than usual, although it didn’t boil or steam, the inside glass cracked on me (by the way, I mentioned it to the shop and they very kindly changed it for me).

how to make vegan milk

3-FLAVOURINGS: I normally put lemon rind outside the filter glass, directly into the big glass, so that I can take it out and it doesn’t get ground up with the remaining pulp, since such a strong lemon taste limits what I can use the pulp for later, I also usually put some cardamom seeds in the bottom of the big glass, in the same way as the lemon, before adding the filter glass containing the seeds that I want to liquidise.
Another option is to put the lemon rind, cinnamon or cardamom into the bottle or jar used to store the milk and leave it to macerate for a more or less a day to so it acquires the flavour without affecting the pulp.

plant milk cleaning

4-CLEANING: Of course you should WASH THE FILTER GLASS IMMEDIATELY AFTER USE, and then it’s easy! I usually use a toothbrush or one of those brushes for cleaning bottles.

5-NUTRITION: To reduce the calories and the strong taste of nut plant milk, I have tried putting in half the mixture of oatmeal and half of nuts. I have tried it with walnut milk and with almond milk and to be honest I loved the result. It doesn’t fill you up so much and it tastes delicious. I have also tried making it splitting the mixture between almonds and rice, but I like it better with the oatmeal because it gives the milk more body.

plant milk seed

Thanks Esperanza for your practical contributions – we’ve taken note!

To increase your collection of tips and optimise your relationship with Chufamix, go to the Tips and Tricks section of this blog.

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