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Trick: 3 liters of milk in 1 minute

Thanks to your great ideas we have discovered a trick to make up to 3 liters of milk in 1 minute. You are truly great! We can’t explain how we didn’t think of this before?

To make 3 liters at once, simply replace the Vegan Milker container with a casserole vessel, pot, bowl or other container of larger capacity.

This trick is perfect for persons or families who consume a lot of milk. Making the 3 liters in 1 minute optimizes exponentially the time and energy we spend preparing the drink. This makes us very happy, because any energy saving trick will be strongly linked to reducing the carbon footprint.

Why 3 liters and not more?

Of course, it is not mandatory to make 3 liters. With this trick you choose whether you want to make 1, 2, 3 liters or more. Doing more is possible, but it is complicated to materialize in 1 minute. It is necessary to take into account that:

  • Depending of the recipe, a sufficient amount of seeds can be placed inside the filter in relation to the volume of water.
  • The water must not exceed the mesh of the filter. If we pass over the mesh we run the risk of
    a) wetting the blender motor and breaking it.
    b) diminishing the emulsifying effect of the drink.

For all these reasons we say that in 1 minute we can make up to 3 liters.

What is the shelf life of plant milk?

As far as the shelf life is concerned, there is no need to worry. We know that homemade plant milk can last between 3 and 5 days in the fridge and that, unlike packaged milks, homemade plant milk improves with rest. Every day the milk will be tastier, so there is no inconvenience in making milk for a few days, on the contrary, it is the most appropriate.

Basic tips for making milk in casseroles:

  1. Seeds: The seeds are placed inside the filter as it has been done so far. What we have to take into account is that the seeds have to be covered by water to be able to grind them without problems and to obtain a good emulsion. For it will be vital the form of the pot that is used.
  2. The casserole shape: To make ½ liter or 1 liter of plant milk in a casserole, it is necessary to choose a rather narrow and elongated casserole with a diameter of less than 20cm.
    However, if what we are interested in is to make 2 or 3 liters, in that case, a common casserole of 20 or 25cm of diameter will serve us perfectly well.
  3. Material: The current Vegan Milker filter is made of PP plastic and stainless steel and PP plastic without toxic components such as BPA, PVC, Bakelite, etc. It is tested by Tüv Rheinland and certified that it can withstand up to 15 minutes immersed in water at 100ºC without toxic migrations of any kind.
    So it can also be used to introduce it directly into soups or other broths and emulsify other foods that can provide interesting flavor or nutrients. See certificates.
  4. Instructions: While blending the seeds, it is convenient to move the filter in circles to optimize the emulsion. Watch the video.

We keep experimenting, see you soon!

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