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Macadamia & pinenuts milk with peach

We had some seeds from the last Chufamix fair in our campervan so we made a delicious nut milk using macadamia nuts, pine nuts and an elder peach. Tasty and healthy breakfast ! Have a look !


  • 80 grams of macadamia nuts
  • 20 grams of pine nuts
  • 1 elder peach
  • a bit of salt
  • 1 litre of water



1.Fill the Chufamix container with one liter of water.
2.Put all the ingredients in the filtering glass and insert it into the container
3.Blend the mixture for about 1 or 2 minutes.
4.Remove the filtering glass and press the remaining pulp gently with the mortar filtering the last drops of the milk.
5. If you keep the milk in the fridge marinating for 8 hrs marinate its taste improves.
6.Reserve the pulp to eat later (it´s delicious, similar to “nut cream”). You can also recycle it in outstanding vegan dishes.

Alternatives and advice

If you prefer a smooth-milk, don´t insert the peach into the filtering glass, add it after making and filtering the milk and blend (without the filtering glass).

You can substitute the peach with any other seasonal fruit. It´s up to you!


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