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Mango Lassi with Vegan Cashew Yogurt and Spearmint

Cashew yogurt and vegan cheese

Cashew yogurt and cheese made using enzymatic water.

There’s a Vegan Yogurt and Cheese focused section in the blog. Ever since we started our ChufaMix adventure, we’ve discovered lots of great ways to ferment seeds to transform them into Yogurt and cheese. One of my favourite recipes is cashew Yogurt made with enzymatic water. Let me recommend you to check out the recipe. It’s so good!

As you’ve seen in the article and video, you can easily make both things with your ChufaMix: a lovely cheese spread and a Yogurt drink, all full of enzymes, minerals, vitamins and lots of health benefits added by the enzymatic water.

If you’ve never heard about “Lassi” before, let me tell you that it’s simply a thick, luscious milkshake, usually made from natural Yogurt, mango, a bit of lemon and cardamom. It’s traditionally made in India and a filling and satisfying drink as well.

This recipe is a remake of the original recipe, but subbing the natural Yogurt for the aforementioned cashew Yogurt, so we get a 100% vegan Lassi.

How to make Mango Lassi with Vegan Cashew Yogurt using enzymatic water

Mango Lassi with Vegan Cashew Yogurt


  • 2 ripe mangoes
  • ½ a litre of vegan cashew yogurt
  • A couple of drops of lemon juice (1ml)
  • 5 spearmint leaves (optional)
  • A tablespoon of your sweetener of choice: syrup, coconut sugar, etc…


  1. Peel and pit the mangoes.
  2. Place vegan Yogurt, mango pulp, spearmint, a couple of drops of lemon juice and the sweetener in a jar.
  3. Blend all of the ingredients together and it’s done!
  4. Best drank straightaway.

Tips and tricks:

If you don’t have any cashews on hand, you can use almonds, pistachios or walnuts instead. Any of those juts will make a thick and delicious vegan Yogurt. After making the Yogurt, you can use the pulp to prepare a delicious vegan cheese, which will also be a source of probiotic goodness.

Also, if you cannot find any mangoes where you live, feel free to use any other sweet fruit instead., like bananas or peaches.

Hope everyone enjoys their Lassi!


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