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Filter Emulsionizer

New model. Finally the stainless steel strainer!

Stainless steel strainer filter, unscrewable with changeable discs that allow a greater emulsion, a better pressing of the pulp and easier cleaning. Prepares all kinds of emulsions: seeds, vegetables, roots, spices and “green” leftovers that due to their texture we normally throw away in the garbage despite their taste and nutritional value: peels, skins, stems, leftover leaves, etc.

Ideal for chefs, food lovers and consumers of plant milks. It is used to make plant milks, juices, soups and broths, sauces and vinaigrettes, thicken stews, recycle leftovers, etc. Check out the suggestions in the videos in the product description.


Filter with unscrewable base with 300µ steel tube mesh and 3 interchangeable steel discs (1 non-perforated disc, 1 300µ disc, 1 500µ disc).

Ebook “Your homemade plant milks”. PDF with more than 70 recipes.


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EMULSIONIZER® is a tool that allows the production of all types of gastronomic emulsions, including those made from waste or residues that we would normally throw away and that Emulsionizer® is capable of transforming into delicious emulsions. Among others:

Transforming food scraps into delicious dishes; extracting the essence of roots, herbs and seeds; soups, vinaigrettes and sauces; thickening stews and expanding flavors, baby and baby food, coffee blends, etc.

Fits perfectly with any Vegan Milker accessory except the plastic mortar, which if used in the reverse way to the other Vegan Milker® versions.

Versatility: The EMULSIONIZER® filter can be used in any cooking vessel. Using a taller, narrower container favors filtering. The water should always cover the ingredients used. We can also add the raw materials little by little as we emulsify with the hand blender.

Emulsionizer EMZ filter with award icon as intelligent kitchen solution

MATERIALS: The steel filter (AISI 304) is manufactured with the best materials on the market and is free of toxic components harmful to health.

HOT WATER: The maximum recommended temperature is 100º (Celsius). It can be used in any stew we are cooking even if it is boiling.

DISCS: The changeable discs are made of AISI 304 steel. Depending on which disc is used, the emulsions will be thicker or thinner. The thicker the 0.5mm disc, the thicker the 0.3mm disc, and the thinner the “blind” (non-perforated) disc.

HAND BLENDER: EMULSIONIZER® works with any domestic hand mixer.

Chufamix S.L. will repair or replace the filter and its detachable base within 5 years if its failure has occurred as a result of defective materials or workmanship and not due to improper use in disregard of the instructions detailed in this manual.

The micro-perforated tube of the filter may present dents or ripples due to knocks, pressure from scrubbing, or intense and continued use over the years. These ripples or dents do not affect its functionality and are not considered factory defects so they are not covered by the warranty.

The rest of the Emulsionizer® parts have a three-year warranty.

Show the receipt or purchase order as a guarantee certificate.

For any question, contact us on the Emulsionizer.com website, we always answer!

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