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“The jumpy” of Chufamix

Hi friends, we want to share with you an interesting little new trick that we´ve named “the jumpy”.

When you are blending the ingredients with the water using Chufamix, sometimes in the deeper part of the container you may see a little quantity of water which is not mixing. This is like 1 finger width of water.

To integrate this deeper water into the rest of the milk, un-attach the filtering glass from the container, run it 2 finger widths up and insert it into the container again.

With this small gesture we re-integrate the water that rested on the bottom into the milk, improving the milks´ texture and homogenizing it better.

It´s a little trick that will serve you as the icing on the cake to improve the wonderful recipes that you usually use.

Bon Appetite!

Gluten free raw rice milk - the old recipe Tigernuts horchata, the queen of plant milks.
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  1. Lisbeth

    Donde puedo adquirir el chufamix en Barcelona o en Madrid ya que estoy de vacaciones en España y quiero llevarme uno a casa (USA) Gracias

  2. plantmilk

    Hola Lisbeth, te dejamos algunas direcciones;

    En Barcelona:

    – Las ferreterías que están asociadas a QF+
    -Horchateria Valenciana: C/ Diputación,204 08011 Barcelona. Tfno: 934.54.61.44
    -Radio René: Paseo Lluis Companys,13 08003 Barcelona. 932.68.21.47
    -Llavoretes Bío Botiga: C/ Sant Medir, 28 08028 934.11.27.17

    En Madrid:

    -Espacio Orgánico: Carretera Fuencarral, 1 Centro Comercial Río Norte Local A2 (Alcobendas) Tfno: 916.57.25.15

    On line en:

    Que la disfrutes con salud y buenos alimentos!!


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