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Almond milk’s properties


As the other nuts, it doesn’t have gluten or lactose, and it is very rich in oleic oil, which makes it healthy for the heart and corrects bad cholesterol levels.

Furthermore, as tiger nut horchata, it has been recommended during centuries by midwifes to pregnant and lactating women, because it helps milk secretion, and it also has a high content in Phosphorus, Calcium and Potassium, which helps strengthening bones, and because of this it is recommended for children and teenagers that are growing up.

Its low content of sodium makes it especially advisable for people who suffer heart diseases.

It is also a good dietary supplement in winter due to its high content of fats (unsaturated fats) and carbohydrates, and it is recommended to take it in the morning or before any physical effort or any sport.

Since the middle ages to our day, almond milk has been used as an alternative to animal milk in many gastronomic recipes, especially in the Mediterranean, in southern Italy.

NUTRITIONAL VALUESx 100 mlx 250 ml 
Energy value49,72124,29kcal
*of which saturated0,240,59g
*of which sugars3,368,41g
Dietary fiber1,042,61g


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