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Use and maintenance of the filter

The filter from Vegan Milker is the heart of this great tool. Taking care of it will allow us to enjoy Vegan Milker for a long, long while, since Chufamix is designed to last for a lifetime.

Here are some instructions to take good care of it:


When there is a lot of pulp, and it fills more than half of the filter glass, most of the mesh will be blocked.  When this occurs, we should firstly, stir with a wooden spoon to let out any trapped liquid or making this squeezing trick.  Once, the pulp is at the half way mark, or below, we can use the mortar to help extract the last remaining drops of liquid.

Press the pulp gently

Incorrect form to pressing down

We must be careful when pressing down with the mortar, as too much pressure may damage the filter glass or mesh. See, the picture on the left for the ideal position.  It is safer to leave a little liquid in the pulp than attempt to extract all the remaining liquid out of the pulp.


Correct method to remove the pulp

In Africa, we learned a famous saying: Hurry kills. Some people, who use Vegan Milker, after making the drink, may turn the filter glass upside-down and hit it, with a dish or a bucket, to take out the pulp quickly. The filter glass is the most important part of Vegan Milker, thus we advice you to treat it carefully, and to take out the pulp with a wooden spoon, as it is shown in the picture.

Sentence about the picture: proper way to empty when taking the pulp.

In Africa, there is a famous saying, “Hurry kills”. With this in mind, do not be tempted into turning the filter glass upside down and tapping, in an attempt to remove the pulp in haste.  As the filter glass is the most important component of Vegan Milker by ChufaMix, it should be treated with care and as shown in the picture, the use of a wooden spoon to remove the pulp is recommended.


Cleaning the filter glass is simple and fast. You can do it with your hands, with a sponge or with a thin brush to clean bottles. If the milk or juice that we made is not fatty, we can even clean it with water without soap.

When we make drinks that get the filter dirty, such as grapes juice, oats drink or chia, we advice you to clean it with hot water and soap. If we don’t want to use artificial products to clean, we may use natural ones, as vinegar or lemon.

The most important is to clean the filter just after using it, avoiding the pulp to dry inside, because if that happened we would have to scrape more.

It is important to clean the filter, soon, if not immediately after use, to avoid the pulp drying out, otherwise, you run the risk damaging the filter glass if excessive force is used to remove the dried out pulp.


If you’ve been using the filter for a while, you’ll see that the mesh part closer to the border it’s getting darker. It might look like it’s rusty, but that’s not the case, since the mesh is made from the best quality stainless steel (360L). So it’s not rust we’re talking about, but some leftover pulp forming a small dirt layer.

We didn’t feel like using harsh treatments would be best to use in such a kitchen tool, so we decided to go for a more natural, traditional remedy: baking soda. It yields such brillaint results!

To clean the mesh this way, simply soak it in lukewarm water with some baking soda (2 tbsp. of baking soda per litre of water) and kindly wash the mesh with a toothbrush or toothpick.

You don’t need to do this everyday, only when you start seeing the dirt layer forming.


Even though the filter mesh is made with stainless steel, it is recommended to dry it thoroughly with a clean cloth.  This will help to prevent contaminants in the water (e.g limescale) from building up and clogging the mesh over time.

For more tricks go through TIPS & TRICKS section.

Long life to Vegan Milker by Chufamix !

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