Homemade Hemp Milk Recipe

Hemp milk is not very well known in the world of plant milks. Even so, hemp consumption has more than 8,000 years of history and it is a very healthy seed full of pleasant surprises for people who want to introduce new superfoods in their diet.
Hemp seed is free of THC or any other psychoactive substances, making it suitable for all audiences, including children. The price of the whole shelled seed is very accessible, €2.81/kilo, but the value of peeled seeds is multiplied by up to 10, becoming a culinary treat.

With Vegan Milker we are free to use the format we prefer, so we used shelled seeds to make this recipe. However, at the end of the article you will find how to make the hemp drink from peeled seeds.

Hemp Milk: Nutrients and Medicinal Benefits

Hemp seed

Hemp is one of the most beneficial plants for humans: it offers excellent medicinal and nutritional properties. What is more, it is a plant with multiple uses like making ropes, cosmetics, clothes, massage oils, burning oil and even paper and paints.
Among the nutritional properties, its high content of vegetable protein stands out. It contains 20 amino acids of which 9 are essential for humans. And it is, at the same time, one of the most digestible vegetable proteins.
It is a seed rich in fatty acids such as omega 9 and a balanced ratio (3:1) of omega 3 and 6. This makes it advisable to treat or prevent cardiovascular diseases. It participates in the proper functioning of the immune system and thanks to the fatty acids and vitamins of type A and E it is a powerful antioxidant. In addition, it is ideal in case of constipation since it has a very high percentage of fiber.
*People taking anticoagulants should avoid its consumption.

NUTRITIONAL VALUESx 100 mlx 250 ml 
Energy value34,7086,70kcal
*of which saturated0,260,65g
*of which sugars0,140,36g
Dietary fiber0,711,79g

Easy homemade hemp milk recipe (whole seed)

Como ocurre con cualquier otra semilla pequeña (sésamo, alpiste, etc.) el proceso Such as any other small seed (e.g. sesame, canaryseed, etc.) the process of preparing homemade hemp milk must be done using simple tricks that greatly improve the result and avoid wasting energy. In the recipe that we present today we tell you how to make hemp milk in an easy, economical, healthy and yummy way. You can also consult the method in the video workshop that we linked at the end of the article on how to make plant milk with small seeds.

100g whole hemp
0.8L of hot water at 70ºC
a pinch of salt
2 pitted dates
a pinch of ginger

Previous soaking from 2 to 8 hours*.
Preparation 5 minutes.

*In case of using peeled hemp, it is not necessary to soak them.


  • Leave the hemp seed soaking from 2 to 8 hours. After this time, strain the seeds and discard the water.
  • Place all the ingredients in the Vegan Milker filtering vase. Fit the filtering vase inside the container and add hot water at 70ºC just until covering the seeds.
  • Mix well with a hand blender for 1 or 2 minutes until the milk is well emulsified.
  • Add the rest of the water (until making the 0,8L) and mix again to homogenize the mixture.
  • Separate the filtering vase from the container. Since it is a seed that contains high levels of beneficial fats, it is convenient to stir the pulp with a wooden spoon before proceeding to press it with the mortar.
  • Let it cool and store in the fridge.

The pulp of the whole hemp seed is excessively fibrous so it is not recommended for human consumption. It can be used for other uses such as cosmetic scrub, compost for our garden or food for little birds that visit our window.

Easy recipe for hemp milk with peeled seed

We can use the same amounts and procedure that we have described for hemp milk with whole seeds, except for the soaking phase, which is not necessary for peeled seeds.
The flavor of hemp milk prepared with peeled seeds is a real delight. In addition to the taste, this milk is very healthy due to its excellent medicinal and nutritional properties, as we mentioned previously.
The price per liter will be high – around €3 – so we recommend making a second extraction from the same pulp to amortize the expense. To do this second extraction, once the milk has been prepared and stored, add 1/2 more liter of water to the remaining pulp and blend again. Although the milk from the second extraction is lighter, it is still great.
Finally, the pulp of the peeled seed can be consumed by humans and it is very delicious. You can eat it straight with a spoon from the filter or added to any salad, granola or yogurt.

Tips and alternatives

The basic ingredients are the seeds, water and salt. The use of dates and ginger is optional, they can be omitted or substituted with your sweeteners of preference.

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