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Water is life, but is it treated as such?

When we say LIFE, we mean all kinds of life, not just human life; life in plants, animals, fish, trees, molecules. Water is an essential part of all our foods, our cells and the molecular reactions among them. Therefore depriving someone of the right to drink water means depriving someone of the right to life.

Being aware of the need of water for life, can you imagine governments privatizing it to make business?

Some companies wish this, and they say it quite clear. They see water as “other resource” that may be sold and bought. In the following video there are some statements by Peter Brabeck-Letmathe (from multinational Nestle) defending privatization of water. Sad (cut taken from the documentary we feed the world, by Erwin Wagenhofer).

Imagine opening the tap at home and there is no water? Imagine a company demanding a lot of money for a litre of water and then sell it again earning more? Imagine big corporations taking the water in rivers, mountains and rain water?

It is no fantasy; it is what is happening in Europe and in the rest of the world. It is the following step of the capitalist model, which, having as a goal to profit a few, it may kill thousands of people throughout the world with hunger and thirst. Long ago they started taking the land, the forest, and now it’s time for water.

To get a global view of what’s happening regarding water policies, which usually allow water to be a business, we share with you a link about Cochabamba, in Bolivia, which gives us some hope. This short documentary tells us what happened in Bolivia in the year 2000, when the government tried to privatize water.

Video about the water war in Cochabamba

watermanifaBasic rights can be defended anywhere in the world; young and old, all fought together to keep water, and with it, life. In the film “También la lluvia”, by Iciar Bollain, this story is told, we recommend watching it !

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