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Coconut milk, traditional thai recipe

We love travelling all over the world asking to local people about traditional lactose free vegan milks; coconut milk, soya milk, almond milk, rice milk…and much more that we are discovering little by little.

This winter we travelled through South East Asia (Thailand and Malaysia) with the Chufamix in our backpack. We met an ancient culture which drinks soy milk “Taufú fa” and cooks with coconut milk “Naam katí”. We´ve had the pleasure to meet Jan Swuakon, an excellent Thai cook (www.facebook.jandam.com) who, with plenty of love and a big smile, has taught us how to cook with coconut milk.

We shot some videos about different dishes such as Massaman curry, Sticky rice with mango, Red curry, Banana in coconut milk… some of them are hot, others sweet, but all of them are delicious!! We´ll post them little by little during this year.

To start from the roots, the first video that we´ll share is the traditional recipe of coconut milk or “Naam katí”. If you are interested in making coconut milk simply with the chufamix, you have the recipe in this link.

I want to explain here that most thai people don´t actually make coconut milk at home, they buy the industrial version in the shop or supermarket. They say that it is easier and more comfortable that way!

Maybe, with the chufamix, they´ll discover an easier and healthier way to make it at home again.

I hope so!

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