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Melon seeds properties and easy recipe

Melon seeds have wonderful properties that are unknown in much of the world. Although there is a bad habit of discarding melon seeds, there is more than one recipe for their use. They can be roasted like sunflower seeds or made into melon juice or milk and thus benefit from all its medicinal properties.

Medicinal properties of melon seeds

The plant milk made with melon seeds stands out for being low in calories and for being a very refreshing juice, diuretic and Vitamin C rich.

It is indicated in weight control processes and diabetes control diets. In addition, melon seeds are pectoral and antispasmodic, so its consumption is recommended, among others, in chronic bronchial processes.

In case of cystitis and nephritic colic, this same melon seed milk can help soothe the pain and irritation of the urinary tract.

Recipe plant drink with melon seeds

Melon is a well-known fruit that is consumed, especially in the months and / or countries of high heat. In Europe it is customary to eat the fleshy part of the melon and discard the string of seeds, but they can be consumed with no problem.

In some regions of Central America such as Oaxaca and Chiapas, melon seeds are highly valued for their medicinal benefits and a very popular plant drink is prepared with melon seeds, popularly known in the region as “horchata de melon”.

Preparation of the melon seeds drink

Take a piece of melon, remove the skin and cut it into pieces.

Put in the Vegan Milker filter firstly the seeds and then the melon pieces up to the top of the mesh.

Blend gently with a hand blender until everything is well crushed.

Strain the mixture and consume as soon as possible to take advantage of all its nutritional properties. You will be surprised how tasty it is!

Other recipes with melon:

Melon smoothie: Add to the previous recipe a little plant milk and prepare a super refreshing and nutritious melon smoothie.

Single melon seed juice: Another option is to make a melon seed juice or milk with just the seeds and 1 glass of water and save the fruit pulp for other purposes.


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