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ZERO WASTE: Vegan Milker Soul opts for non-plastic materials

Vegan Milker Soul plant milk

We’ve been inspired by the “Zero Waste” movement ever since Vegan Milker by Chufamix was born (in 2012), and without a doubt, it’s something we’ve been praised for (big thank you!), as a way to cut down on unnecessary packaging while still producing such nutritious, healthy milks!

We started this adventure more than 7 years ago, with our CHUFAMIX VEGGIE DRINKS MAKER, a version which we improved last year and we now call VEGAN MILKER.

With your help and support, over the past seven year, we’ve successfully prevented more than 24.000.000 milk cartons from being dumped in the ocean.

And now, with our new model Vegan Milker SOUL, we’re making another step towards our ultimate dream of having a Vegan Milker which is free of all plastics.

In 2017, it was our wooden mortar (with sustainable wood from forests in Euskadi and Galicia, and made in Alcasser (Valencia)) which made its first appearance.

This year 2019, marking Chufamix’s 7th birthday and listening to your demands, we got to produce our newest version: Vegan Milker Soul, which we hope that you’ll adore!

We’ve been asked to produce a glass jar from a long, long time and now we’re happy to announce that we’re making one, and it will be sold at a very accessible price. We really hope you like it!

Vegan Milker Soul is made with 4 parts, all of them are switchable with the Classic model:

  1. Glass jar, resistant to heat shock and movement (so it can handle hot water and the vibration from the hand blender, which most glass recipients do not). Our glass is free of lead and cadmium too. However, just like it happens with any glass jar, it must be handled carefully or else it’ll break.
  2. Bamboo lid.
  3. Pine tree wood mortar.
  4. Stainless steel filter injected with polypropylene free of BPA, BPS, PVC, bakelite, formaldehyde and phthalates.

The only downside of this new versión, is that the glass jar is 1mm thicker so it won’t fit in most fridges, making it necessary to pour the freshly made milk into a different jar so it can be kept in the fridge.

Worry not, because we’ve taken Good note of this, and it will be optimized in coming versions.

If you need more info on either version, SOUL or CLASSIC, you can check out their respective product sheets on our online store.

Just like we0ve been doing with the Classic version, we’ll gift you a PDF version of our recipe book with every purchase, where you’ll find many different recipes and every top we’ve discovered along the first 5 years of this wonderful adventure.

As you can see, there’s no better time than now to start making your own plant milks at home, saving time, money and packaging. It will only take you 5 minutes (including cleaning time) to make your own milks at home.

Will you join us? Your body, bank account and the planet will thank you!

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  • Bola agitadora

    Shaker Ball

  • Bamboo Lid


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  1. David H. Filippini

    When will the Soul versión be available in the USA?

    I’m a new customer and would really like to be able to purchase this product in the USA instead of the Premium version currently offered on Amazon.

  2. joal

    Can you tell me, please, when the Soul version will be available in the US? I would much prefer a glass jar!


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