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Passion fruit juice – Video recipe

Vegan recipe of Passion fruit juice

This winter Andoni was in Colombia and, of course, took advantage of the occasion to enjoy the exquisite natural fruit juices made using local fruits. He enjoyed the new flavours and textures so much that, no joke, he brought some tropical fruits back in his rucksack and squeezed them with the Chufamix as soon as he got home.

We loved the result we got using passion fruit (Passiflora Liguralis), a fruit originating in the Andes, sacred for the pre-Columbian indigenous communities, which has loads of seeds. For this reason, it is not used to make juice in Columbia. Nonetheless, we already know that the Chufamix gives us the option to squeeze any fruit with lots of seeds and to obtain its juice quickly and easily. As in the case of grapes or grenadines, this time we have made an excellent passion fruit juice. How exciting!

Moreover, passion fruit, or “parchita” as it is also known, is an important source of all different kinds of vitamins and minerals. It has antioxidant and antispasmodic properties (i.e. it relaxes the intestinal smooth muscles). It also helps to beat tiredness due to the sedative effect of its seeds.

The juice has a bright taste, slightly acidic, but with a very milky body. It’s delicious!

So, here’s the passion fruit juice recipe and we dedicate it with all our love to the countrymen from the Andes region and especially to the Colombian people.

It is the written version of the recipe below the video.


  • 250ml water
  • 5 or 6 passion fruits (peeled, use the pulp and the seeds)


  1. Put the water in the Chufamix container.
  2. Insert the filter glass into the container and fill it with fruit up to the height of the mesh.
  3. Beat the mixture with the hand-blender (If you use it on normal position you need to mix for 2 minutes and with “turbo” you need just 1 minute).
  4. Release the filter glass and stir the pulp with a wooden spoon.
  5. Finish the filtering process by pressing the pulp with the help of the Chufamix mortar.

Enjoy the natural juice or keep it in the fridge.


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