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Raw Grain Oat Milk

Oat milk (as well as rice milk) is one of the most popular plant drinks right now. Its mild lovely flavor makes it ideal to drink everyday and it’s also a great alternative for people who won’t have any lactose. However, it’s not indicated for people with coeliac disease as it naturally has gluten.

For me, oat milk is a true favorite. I can’t get enough of its sweet flavor and nutritional properties. It’s also super easy to get some local, organic grains and so cheap as well (only 0.25 cents per litre, and that’s using organic oats). Plus, homemade oat milk is amazing for cooking, as it thickens with the heat!

You can see how to make oat milk from oat flakes in this video recipe but, seeing that you all seem so interested in trying a raw grain version, we decided to upload a recipe about it. Hope you’ll like it!


  • 40 grams raw oat grains (any other grain as rice, spelt, barley, etc… will work)
  • 1 litre hot water (60º-70ºC)
  • A pinch of salt
  • A small chunk (1cm) vanilla bean (optional)
  • Your favorite kind of sweetener (optional)


  1. Put ½ litre of hot water in the Vegan Milker jar.
  2. Put oat grains plus a pinch of salt in the filtering jar.
  3. As the seed is rather gummy, you’ll need to use the turbo setting in your blender for about 2 minutes. You could also use less water and go for the standard setting.
  4. Now, add the remaining water and blend for about 10 seconds to obtain a smooth mixture.
  5. Release the filtering attachment and press the pulp lightly with the mortar to squeeze the last milk drops.
  6. Put the milk and flavorings in a saucepan and heat on low for 10 minutes, stirring often so the mixture doesn’t burn and sticks to the bottom of the pan. If you’re not going to drink it right away, let it cool and keep in the fridge.

You’ll see how this version won’t separate in the fridge like it happens to other versions.

When reheating the milk, it will keep its creamy texture without being too thick. If you still think it isn’t thin enough, you can also add a bit more water.

You can use this very recipe to make other raw grain milks. Rice, spelt, wheat, buckwheat or kamut would work super well! You’ll need to use the same water ratio and follow the instructions above!

Oat milk pudding

If you soak the raw grain for 8 hours and follow the steps above, you’ll get a completely different (but still tasty!) result.

In this case, when you’re heating the milk, you’ll see that it gets super thick in about 3-5 minutes, kind of like a cream. This is a super quick and easy way to make a tasty plant-based pudding which any grain you can think of. Just remember to stir the mixture often!

As the milk cooks, you can add some vanilla, raw can sugar, some cinnamon, cacao or any other flavoring you can think of!

Once the milk is thick enough, it’s time to put it into mason jars (about 200ml. capacity) and let them cool until they’re chilly enough for the fridge. They will keep well for about three days!

What to make with the pulp?

Leftover pulp from making oat milk can be recycled. You’ll just have to remember that, as oat is a super effective natural thickener, if you cook it for more than 20 minutes using little water, it will get too gummy to eat!
However, this is a great pulp to add to watery recipes, like soup or stews. Simply add it to whatever you’re cooking when it’s almost ready and heat for 5-10 minutes longer. It won’t make the soup super thick, if you’re worried about it, but it’s an easy way to add more nutrition from the grain.

Any other tips or tricks you’d like to share? Feel free to do so! We can’t ever get enough of your suggestions!

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  1. Brian Parkinson

    Oats do not contain gluten; however, depending on how the oats were harvested, transported, stored and processed, they may have come into incidental contact with other gluten-containing grains, and thereby may have trace amounts of gluten on them.


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