Salad with homemade almond milk pulp

In Chufamix we recycle homemade almond milk pulp in different lactose free dishes; adding to a vegan yogurt, adding to a pasta, to a soup..

Today we introduce one of our favourite ways to recycle the remaining pulp of almond milk or any other nut milk is to use it in salad.

After making almond milk, walnuts milk, tigernuts milk… we put the pulp in the fridge and will use it throughout the next 3 days to complete our salads.

It´s a very easy lactose free and gluten free dish and it´s really delicious and nutritious.

Today we´ve done this recipe with seasonal veggies picked from our garden:


12 dandelion leaves.
6 lettuce leaves.
A bit of chopped parsley
Pickles, olives and onions marinated in vinegar.
Almond pulp
Diced organic vegan cheese
Peeled hemp seeds and black sesame seeds.

To season:

Tamari or soy sauce.
A bit of olive oil.


  1. Clean and chop the green leaves.
  2. Place them in a tray.
  3. Add the rest of the ingredients.
  4. Dress the vegetables with soy sauce and olive oil.
  5. Finally add the almond pulp and mix well before eating.

Tips and Alternatives

The most important thing is to try to use seasonal and organic local products. So, if you don´t have lettuce, you can substitute it with spinach, or other green leaves. You can also add carrots, fresh onion, and whatever else you have available…

If you do not have peeled hemp seeds, you can add ground flax seeds, white sesame, sunflower seeds, whatever you have at hand.

There are more ideas on recycling nut pulps in this link.

Enjoy recycling pulps!

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