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The best 10 recipes using almond pulp

receta vegana de leche de almendras casera

You often write to us asking for almond pulp recipes. We’ve gathered the most suggestive recipes using almond pulp so that from now on you can find the best ideas unified in a single post.

The almond pulp or any other nut pulp is a versatile raw ingredient ideal for preparing different sweet or savory recipes. Although the texture and flavor of each nut pulp is unique, all of them are suitable for the culinary recipes that we propose in this article.

In the following paragraph we answer to the also frequent question of….

Almond pulp can be used? It hadn’t crossed my mind

We know that 50% of the almond nutrients pass into the plant milk and the rest remains in the pulp. Consuming the pulp seems to us something unquestionable because in this way we take advantage of all the nutrients of the seed.

After making plant milk with Vegan Milker, the pulp remains humid, but it is still perfectly edible. It can be dried a little in the oven to remove the moisture or eaten as is.

The ideas or recipes that we are going to share in this post can be applied to the wet pulp of almonds or any other nut.

Quick recipes: Direct use of almond pulp

Before turning to cooking recipes, we want to show that it is also possible to eat the pulp directly, simply as a condiment for: salads, pasta, yogurts, muesli, veggie creams, etc. See the options in this video.

Easy recipes using almond pulp

Pesto vegano elaborado aprovechando la pulpa sobrante de la leche de pistachos casera.

Let’s start with the savoury recipes. In the recipes below you will see that sometimes another nut pulp as pistachios or walnuts is used. I remind you that all of these recipes are perfectly valid for almond pulp. Depending on the texture of each pulp, you may have to adjust some ingredients, but in most cases the recipes can be replicated without problem.

Almond Pulp Sweet Recipes

The sweet recipes are exactly the same as the savoury ones. You will also see that in more than one recipe a variety of nut pulps are mixed, for example, in the bars and in the energy balls. These two recipes are ideal to take advantage of the pulps of all kinds that we have stored in the freezer.

I’m sure there are many more ideas out there.

We would love to know which is your favourite recipe.

I learn a lot from your culinary suggestions. We keep experimenting, cheers!

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