Little Seeds Milk

  • Golden Milk

    Golden milk is an ancient drink which is lovely to have during autumn. This fabulous recipe was shared by our Chufamix friend Briguitte Andreae a few months ago, since it’s a brilliant remedy for those cases of winter blues. It’s all about making a lovely, aromatic golden paste that you […]

  • Brown Flaxseed Milk

    Homemade flaxseed milk is recommended to help cleanse and strengthen the intestines. It helps regulate bowel movements (and therefore is recommended when constipation occur) and creates a protective layer which lines the stomach, making this milk a effective natural remedy for gastritis. As […]

  • Sunflower and pumpkin seeds milk

    Although most people have never heard of sunflower seed milk, it is one of the plant milks with most protein content. It is creamy and contains neither gluten nor lactose and is suitable for people with nut allergies. In Chufamix, we normally use the sunflower seeds as an additional ingredient to […]

  • Canary seed milk

    Canary seed milk is a homemade plant milk, which although it has a herbaceous taste is quite tasty. Canary seed milk is better known for its medicinal properties than for its culinary value. When canary seed milk is homemade, that is, milk made at home with the Chufamix or using any other […]

  • Tips for making nutritious vegan milk with Aloe Vera

    Would you like to make more nutritious vegan milk? We have an easy solution! This recipe came about after reading “The Great Aloe Book” by Alessandro Bassetti and Stefano Sala (Edizioni zuccari, 2007) which is about the history, botany and pharmacological aspects of this legendary […]

Nut Milk

  • Chocolate Coconut Oat Milk with Dates – Dairy free

      Homemade oat milk is usually a sweet, creamy milk which might seem a bit dull if it’s storebought oat milk you’re used to drinking. We’d love to make it easier to eat healthier, that’s why we wanted to introduce you all to a fancier version that we’re sure […]

  • Golden Milk

    Golden milk is an ancient drink which is lovely to have during autumn. This fabulous recipe was shared by our Chufamix friend Briguitte Andreae a few months ago, since it’s a brilliant remedy for those cases of winter blues. It’s all about making a lovely, aromatic golden paste that you […]

  • Homemade chestnut milk (gluten free)

    Let’s start the year off right with a fitting winter milk: chestnut milk. If you’re a fan of chestnuts, you absolutely need to try this milk. Not only is it delicious, but it’s also really wholesome. It contains a hefty amount of low GI carbohydrates, vitamin B, iron, potassium […]

  • Sugar-Free Rice Milk Tigernut Horchata

    Our friend and reader Jean-Baptiste Selfa, from Germany sent us this really interesting recipe proposal not too long ago. His grand-mother used to make tigernut horchata, though she preferred to use rice milk instead of water, which is actually a clever way to make horchata sweeter without having […]

  • Cashew milk with stevia leaves as a sweetener

    Cashew milk is a delicious creamy plant milk, which is gluten-free. In today’s recipe, we propose sweetening the milk with stevia leaves, which is a very healthy alternative for improving the flavour and the medicinal properties of our plant milks.   Ingredients: 1 litre of water 120gr […]

Vegan Yogurt and Cheese Recipes

  • How to make vegan probiotic yogurt with homemade plant milks: coconut milk, sunflower seed, walnut, soya versions…

    A few years ago, we got to make our first soya yogurt, an actual probiotic one which was just as nutritious as its dairy counterparts. And when we say actual, it’s because there’s no lack of recipes for yogurts which look like the real deal, yet they’ve not gone through the actual […]

  • Probiotic yogurt and vegan almond cheese

    Vegan Milker by Chufamix can not only make the most delicious homemade milks in 5 minutes, but also probiotic yogurts and cheeses. There’s a really helpful recipe including a videotutorial in the article called “vegan cashew yogurt and cheese”. Ever since we discovered this great […]

  • Mango Lassi with Vegan Cashew Yogurt and Spearmint

    There’s a Vegan Yogurt and Cheese focused section in the blog. Ever since we started our ChufaMix adventure, we’ve discovered lots of great ways to ferment seeds to transform them into Yogurt and cheese. One of my favourite recipes is cashew Yogurt made with enzymatic water. Let me […]

  • Salad with vegan walnut cheese and flowers

    Salad is a dish that is never missing from our table. In summer we have so many fresh ingredients, that it becomes a multicoloured dish full of all kinds of vitamins and minerals which are good for our body. To make it even more nutritious, we have added a little vegan walnut cheese made with […]

  • Yogurt and fresh soya cheese

    After having experimented with the fermentation of nut to make probiotic yogurts and cheeses, we wanted to move on to another phase, this time experimenting with soya. I have done the test with precooked soya and I didn’t like the result, the flavour is too strong and the texture is watery. […]

Juice Recipes

  • How to make fruit juice with your Vegan Milker

    Vegan Milker is a multifunctional tool which has many purposes, due to its apparent simplicity. While we might have designed Vegan Milker as a tool to prepare plant milks in a quick and easy way, we’ve discovered how practical it is when it comes to preparing all kinds of healthy drinks. In […]

  • Refreshing cucumber lemon juice

      Cucumber lemon juice is a refreshing and hydrating drink – perfect for summer. It’s also dyuretic and low in calories, so it’s recommended in weight loss diets. I learnt this recipe from my friend Fernando Carrizales, Venezuelan photographer, as well as nature lover (sadly […]

  • Beetroot orange strawberry juice

    What’s not to love about beetroot? Its vibrant red colour, its earthy taste and multiple medicinal properties make beets one fantastic vegetable to add to your diet. It’s so cheap too! That beautiful red colour is formed by natural pigments such as bethanin and flavonoids, which help […]

  • Probiotic pomegranate juice

    Munching on pomegranate arils or drinking their juice during winter is such a healthy option. Pomegranates are known to be a fruit rich in mineral salts, water and vitamins (A, B and K, among others). They also have lots of antioxidant properties, thus reducing the effect of free radicals. Want to […]

  • How to make green juices with Chufamix

    To make green or “detox” juice the ingredients must include one of the following vegetables: spinach, lettuce, chard, broccoli, celery, parsley, nettles…All of these have a high chlorophyll content, which gives us the antioxidants we need to neutralise the effect of the free […]