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Gluten free vegan milks

Get gluten free options in the homemade vegan milk´s universe it´s easy and cheap. Although this article is mainly aimed at people who suffer from gluten sensitivity, we hope that it is also of interest to the people who hang out with them, because they are in their group of friends or family or because they go to the same educational centres or share the same flat… We hope it is useful to help people realise that sometimes it is quite easy to prepare meals that everyone can eat. A meal or an “integrating” vegan milk that can be shared with coeliac disease sufferers without any problems.

Having coeliac disease limits your food choices and, in some cases, means spending more to buy gluten free products. We in Chufamix Vegan Milker want to play our part and show you that, as far as vegan milks are concerned, the options for people with coeliac disease are varied and fun. In this article we share with you how to make simple homemade vegan milks and how to take advantage of their pulp in delicious gluten free dishes, without spending a fortune.

Here you go:

The first step is to be aware of which grains contain gluten, so that we can leave them to one side for making our plant milk suitable for coeliac disease sufferers.

Grains which contain gluten

Gluten-free grains







OATS* (more info)






MAIZE * (Produces intolerance in a minority of coeliac disease sufferers)

SWEET CORN * (Produces intolerance in a minority of coeliac disease sufferers)

Something else to take into account is the risk of cross-contamination. In the factories where the cereals are processed and packaged, there is a risk of traces of various grains which could contaminate the gluten-free grains. For example, in a packet of oat we could find traces of wheat flour, rye flour…ultimately of any food products which have been processed in the same Factory and which contain gluten. In order to control the risk of cross-contamination we need to look at the packaging. This risk is normally noted with the following type of warning:

“Prepared in a Factory which uses dairy, egg, gluten, soya, sesame, dried fruit, husk and celery derivatives”.

“May contain traces of: gluten, peanuts, soya, dried fruit, mustard and sesame”.

I have asked several people who have coeliac disease and they have told me that the amount of gluten that this type of product may contain is normally insignificant and the grains can been eaten with no need for concern.

In any case, a simple solution for those cases where the product has this type of warning on the package is to wash the grains well with water before cooking.

So, now that we know which grains we shouldn’t use, let’s have a look at the range of grains which are suitable for making homemade gluten free vegan milk, which are actually quite a few.


  • Nuts: we can use any type of nuts since they don’t contain gluten.
  • Small seeds: we can use sesame, flax, hemp, sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds.
  • Legumes: we can use white soya beans, nuts.
  • Cereals: rice, oat, buckwheat, millet, quinoa, amaranth.
  • Others: tigernut.

And I am sure that we have forgotten loads, but the vegetable world is very diverse and there are thousands of different seeds all around the world…

In any case, we always recommend using local seasonal seeds. Eating nuts and cereals which are grown close to where we live helps to improve our health and that of the planet in general. Exotic options should be used sparingly and should not be the basis of our daily diet.

Taking into account the great variety of grains within our reach, the possibilities of making a delicious vegan milk are infinite and very attractive. Here’s a list of some video-recipes which we have collected on our chufamix journey. We have tried to include seeds from all over the world since our page has followers in many countries.


Moreover, the leftover pulp can be reused in exquisite vegetarian gluten free dishes. Here’s a few ideas.

Savoury Options:

Sweet options:

Enjoy them in good health and good company!

Carrot and soy pulp cupcakes Yogurt and fresh soya cheese
  • Bola agitadora

    Shaker Ball

  • Bamboo Lid


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